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Klassic Touch
I come and visit my dad almost everyday and they are very caring
Julio B
I would like to say this facility is a very friendly facility I visit my Grandfather frequintely and they are very caring.
I visit my dad almost everyday and the staff is very nice and he is well taken care.
Robert mitchell
I visit my grandmother here and it is very clean with no odors. The staff is very helpful and compassionate towards her and myself. If I have any questions or concerns Maureen is always very helpful with answering my questions and concerns.
E Rodriguez
My mom is a resident here at this facility and this is a great facility. They are a caring and very considerate to my mom. They have a nice courtyard for me to take my mom and sit outside.
I went for a tour without an appointment recently and was lucky enough to have Martin, the Admissions Coordinator, give me a tour. It was professional but friendly and thorough, with a great deal of information about the facility, activities, and staff. He was delightful and so is his story of his having held several positions at this facility before being promoted to Admissions Coordinator. He's an impressive young man and I was very favorably impressed by the cleanliness and lack of any detectible odor on our tour. Martin is a very valuable asset to his organization.
Carole Seigworth
This Place has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Particularly Mary and Martin (Admissions Director & Admissions Coordinator). Both of them fought tooth an nail to get my mother out of a substandard facility that did not want to let my mother go. I highly recommend this place.
Steven Murphy
My grandmother needed rehabilitation after having a fall. Her room was very beautiful. She loved her nurses and made a lot of friends when doing activities. It is very beautiful there. The courtyard is so peaceful and relaxing. My grandma was so happy and got great rehab and was back to herself in no time
Elizabeth Brown
Very clean and a beautiful rehab. Staff is very helpful and personable. My mom was in rehab for a broken hip. Rehab was always patient and kind to her. My mom loved the food! Very good experience
Ryan Smith
The importance of a friendly face and a kind person when you first walk into a nursing facility is a big deal to me. And that is what I received from Heidi at the front desk, the DON Charron, and the Administrator! As a bonus, the facility is well kept and smelled amazing (reminded me of the smell of an upscale Marriott property). Keep it up!
Shaun Gyger
My husband was here for rehabilitation following extensive surgery. The care that he received was EXCELLENT in every way. Staff are proficient, friendly and caring. I HIGHLY recommend this facility for anyone needing rehabilitative treatment.
Rona Rod
I love working at Boynton Beach Rehab. The staff is wonderful to work with, the management is great. I really have no concerns or complaints about working here. I’m still a staff here and will continue to be!
Seira Noble
Awesome mangement team!!
Tacy York
The staff here is second to none!!!! An Absolutely fantastic Rehab Center. They truly care about their patients. Maria, Heidi, Dominque, Maureen, to name a few of the excellent staff, let alone their aides / nurses. This is a Rehab Center I feel comfortable referring patients to. The staff work endlessly for their patients and it shows! Thanks for all you do here. Nothing goes unnoticed. 10/10 always!
Megan Sullivan
I had my father placed there after a brief stay at JFK. We were very happy with the services. Aides were very pleasant and happy to help. It was always clean and never had a foul smell. Food was fine but I did not expect 5 star dining. I would recommend to friends and family.
Diane Ricca
Thank you so much for taking such great care of my Aunt. Exceptional staff! Martin was so kind and caring.
Anna Garcia
Grandma was here after her back surgery and she was well cared for. Great staff!
Allyson Mahoney
I recently had my mother at the facility after she fell at home, I was very impressed by the clean rooms and wonderful services all across the board! From the food to even the housekeeping, everything was exceptional!
martin chicky
One on the best rehab facilities. The staff was kept me updated on my grandfather's health whenever I called. The staff was also very caring and kind.
Kimberly Ward
I love this place it is a great facility and the Administrator John is very knowledgeable and very nice to all of the residents and staff.
Leon Duany
I went to 12 other places and found positives and negatives. I went to Boynton rehab and had all the positives without the negatives. My mother is there on hospice and they have been taking care of her. They help me with her and give her what she needs. They have been wonderful , supportive and easy to work with. Our lawyers recommended this place and I am not disappointed. Excellent responsive staff.
Kraken Studios
Friendly and caring staff. Residence are happy and safe.
My mother ended up in this facility for 6 weeks following multiple knee surgeries. New Ownership recently took over and is working hard to turn around the facility which apparently was run poorly by prior owners. The staff here was just amazing, very caring and attentive. Sylvia, the head of administration was just incredible and caring and made sure she was well taken care of by her staff. The nurses, Veluse, Patricia and Bobby and others were very professional and always available whenever she needed help or whenever my family had questions about her status. The PT staff, Brydget and Slim were also great with her rehab and got her strong enough to go home. We ended up referring in another family member who was also in need of rehabilitation. The facility was very clean. While a bit older and not as modern as some others, the staff and care was excellent and I would recommend this facility to anyone.
I Visited my grandfather frequently during his stay at BBRC I can say every time I would pop in my grandfather was always happy and taken care of the nurses were great, therapy was top notch and he was pleased with his meals. Martin at the reception desk was hands down the best he is very knowledgeable and always willing to help or point you in the right direction he goes above and beyond his job.
Monicka Marrero
Boyton Beach Rehabilitation is by far the best rehabilitation Florida has to offer. It’s clean and cleaned often and staff are kind to patients and patient’s family. But most of all when given the opportunity to do so they go above and beyond when it comes to fulfilling the needs of any resident/patient.
Queen Camouse
My husband Jared , has been in numerous rehabs, I am happy to say, this is a blessing. From Sylvia , and Patti , in admissions, Tasha, business office manager , an Angel sent to us. The entire staff has done a great job making my husband feel welcome and me, as the family member learning to adjust to a very difficult time. John Kelley, administrator is hands on to anything he can help you with. Maitenance, Matte was great putting up the TV in a timely fashion. So nice. Michelle, the nurse has been knowledgeable and helpful with Jareds care. Norma is the best CNA I have ever known, patients love her. No one wants to be in a facility, but when the entire staff works together as a team it makes life easier for all. I thank you all for Jareds care you are giving him. Thank you for your patience.. Daniel, the kitchen manager shows care , and love , to his food to make the patients happy. I highly recommend Boynton Beach Rehab.
Diane Matesky
After my mother's hip surgery I was given few choices by the hospital to pick the right rehabilitation center. I went to tour 2 facilities in boynton as well as 2 in Delray. I think I've seen enough! I'm so glad I came to see yours! Your building is clean, people are friendly and best of all once my mother was transported to your facility your staff continued to be just as i saw when i first came in.Your Physical therapy department is amazing and on point!!! Thank you and keep up the good work. Paul
Paul Rosen
Our Center is under new Management and Nursing Leadership. You will find caring and helpful staff that will exceed your expectations. In addition, a very clean and safe environment for your loved ones. We offer a wide range of Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Services. At this time, the Admissions Team is ready and can assist you with any of your questions or needs.
John Kelly
We couldn't be happier or feel more secure with Boynton Beach Rehab. It wasn't an easy decision for our family to place our 97 year old Dad in a nursing home. He has dementia and it's not safe for him to be at home. I wish with all my heart that we could have flown him to be with us during this time, but it's not feasible or safe for him to travel such a long distance at his age and with his ailments. His longtime doctor has always suggested BBR for rehab stints in past years. This time his doctor suggested BBR for his long term care since he could not be home safely. I visited the facility for the first time last week and I was immediately put at ease by the incredibly friendly, warm and attentive staff who greeted my husband and I at every turn to see if they could help us, direct us and answer any questions for us. Nicki, Donna, Jessica, Norma, Sharon, Savannah, Dee and Martin are the people we have connected with over the phone, through emails and in person. It's not the fanciest place and I mean that in the nicest way. I can see why Dad's doctor highly recommends BBR. He says they have the best staff and he's right. We were there over a two day period and so many came to greet us and introduce themselves to us, others came over to Dad to say hello and check in and to tell us how much they like him. We left knowing that Dad was in good hands and was receiving good care and loving attention. And we know he's safe. He likes to wander and they knew this from the get go. They keep an eye on him and we rest easy knowing these wonderful angels are caring for our Dad. Gigi, the beautician at the facility cut his hair while we were there and he feels great about it. There are doctors who come to the facility for foot , eye and dental exams. We're sad about a lot, but we're also incredibly grateful for so much. Knowing our Dad is in such caring and capable hands makes us worry a little less about him. The staff ensures that he'll go to the dining rooms for meals and take part in some activities. He has a walker and a wheelchair and he walks or rolls around for exercise. He's had a rough few months of medical issues and hospitalizations but I sensed a newfound peacefulness about him. He's not as agitated or as nervous as he was when we last saw him in September. He loves to be around people and I suspect being with others after 20 months of isolation is doing wonders for him. Though he comes in and out of his confusion, he does know us when he sees us and he does remember long ago memories. And he loves to sing. He sang to us when we visited him. So while he isn't with us as we had hoped, we are grateful to BBR and their wonderful wonderful staff for making him feel so welcome and for taking such great great care of him.
Caren Carpenter
My Mom was admitted on Friday and I must say so far I am extremely pleased with everything. The Owner Ursula, her niece Samantha and the staff have all been extremely helpful. My Mom is raving about the food and is pleased with the Staff as well. She is saying every meal is delicious. Every person I have spoken to thus far has been caring and sweetI am very happy with how careful they are being with screening visitors for covid. It’s hard not being able to see your loved ones as frequently, but, it feels better to know they are safe!!They are doing their best to get my Dad admitted, for, he needs the care as well. I look forward to continuing to write positive reviews and will keep everyone abreast of our experiences moving forwardBonnie
Bonnie Rubin
While visiting my grandmother, I found the rehab center was very accommodating to our specific need's. I experience a lot of friendly faces. The gentleman at the front desk, was very helpful and kind, Anytime I ever called martin has gotten me who I needed to speak too. without putting me on hold too long. Knowing people like him who are working trying to help my grandmother made my experiences much easier.
Loly Andersen
I come here often to visit my grandpa, always pleasant staff especially the male receptionist, Martin.
Bryan Ramirez
Absolutely love working here!
Nicki Sell Anno
I must say at the beginning of this process I was concerned about sending my family member to Boynton Beach rehab because of some of the reviews I read but fortunately my experience with them has been extremely positive. They try very hard to meet the needs not only of the patient but of the family. They realize that this situation effects everyone . Are there glitches of course but the whole staff works with the family to solve the problems and insure that any situation that arises is delt with promptly.The staff from supervisors to nurses and aides work cohesively to keep the patients safe and well cared for. I strongly recommend Boynton Beach Rehab to anyone who needs nursing homecare.
MargueriteS Anthony 102916
Staff truly love patients. Good therapy services and great at keeping all safe!
Nicki Anno
I would like to thank Boyton Beach Rehab Center for all of their services. Specially the head of each department- Jacque Labitsiere (dietary), Allison Herman (therapy), Nikki Amo (administration), Sheldon Lowan (nursing) and all of their team members. I give this place an excellent rating. I am proud of having been a patient of this place.
Fabio Alarcon
My father is a patient at Boynton Beach Rehabilitation. His physical, occupational and speech therapy there has been excellent. The therapy group has been very attentive, flexible and has strongly advocated on his behalf as different types of questions and complications arose. We have received support from the administrator and the members of the nursing staff that have gotten to know my dad and our family members as well. It is unfortunate that some of his needs are out of their control, but I have seen the staff at Boynton Beach Rehab reach out to those external parties and lean on them to come through. We see the value in having him at a smaller facility where there can be a more personal touch. One facility highlight is their lovely atrium which provides a nice change of scenery and sunshine.
Lori K
My father was a patient at the Center. They took excellent care of him, especially his nurse Kevin. He was very patient with my father and was available to answer questions. Everyone was courteous. The facility was clean and his room was well taken care of!
Eve Cochran
I am employed by a home health care business! I recommend many patients to Boynton beach rehab for their caring staff and excellent physical therapy. The facility is state of the art very clean and beautiful decor.The administrator is exceptional always available if I need her regarding my patients. I have been working with them for the past 10 years and my patients thank me for recommending that facility to them. Beautiful rooms many are private which many patients ask for! I give them 5 stars for getting my patients back to good health! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great rehab!
Patricia Mastrogiacomo
Admission Office was very helpful ..Very comfortably admitting my parents in Boynton Beach Rehabilitation Center ..What a great environment clean, no small great therapy ...Food was very tasty and a open menu for all different cultures ... Administrator Nikki gave her cell number to myself & siblings so we felt very comfortable ...We have been to a few Nursing Homes and this was the BEST by far ..Thank you team BBRC
Michelle Barnes
I want to thank you all for all the love and care you showed me during my illness and recovery and for all the care I saw you showed others. You are awesome and thank you for treating me like family. God will definitely bless you.!
Russell Dyer
I'd like to inform you that I have been working as a outside contractor for 7 years here. The staffing is excellent and caring. The smell of the foods are aromatic and inviting. I would wholely endorse the home.
b dell
My 91 year old father was admitted there. The first day I had of couple of issues with my father needs, but I addressed them with the director and now my father is very comfortable. If you have issues I recommend just speak to someone in charge. There is no smell of urine at all. They will try to accomodate your needs.
Maritza Sharpe
My mom and my brother are both in the BOYNTON Beach rehab center and I can't say enough about the caring kind staff. Everyone there couldn't be nicer and helpful. I look forward to going in there every day. Love them.
Deborah Bowe
My grandmother has been in LTC now for a while, and every time I have visited (from out-of-state), the staff has recognized me as her relative, greeted me and been very warm to me and my family. My grandmother's mental as well as physical needs are very well met in this location, and it is one of the most beautiful rehab/LTC's I've ever seen. My grandmother was in another location prior to this, and even though there were fewer patients in that location, this location is better in terms of staffing (number and quality), food (the food is delicious!), and the rehab specialists are top-notch. I feel so relieved to know that my grandmother is receiving such wonderful care!
Alison Westermann